Pamela Saladino, M.S., M.A., LMHC, CHP – Licensed Professional Counselor

I am a licensed psychotherapist serving clients in Florida. I primarily work with clients on the phone. Zoom-a safe and confidential video conferencing format-is available. I also have a local office for in person sessions, if desired.

Therapy is a beautiful process that can heal you and help you to become the healthiest, most competent version of yourself. Please let me know how I can be of service to you in this endeavor. If you reach out to me and I’m not available at the moment, please leave me your details and I will get back to you just as soon as I can.

Treatment Approach

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I base my approach on the client’s reason for contacting me and their expressed needs, as we are all different and have different needs at different times in life.

As a client, you may have suffered a loss that has left you feeling alone in the world. You might be in a major transition in your life-death, divorce, illness, troubling relationships with family or friends. Even what is seen as more “positive” experiences can cause great stress-marriage, graduations, adoption, parenting, employment, retirement. Maybe you are struggling with the big questions-wondering about your purpose and the meaning of life. Maybe you see yourself repeating unhealthy patterns of behavior and want to stop this from recurring. Perhaps you have reached a point where your emotions are overwhelming and your mind and body are exhausted. It might be a combination of some or all of these experiences.

I love my work and am committed to personal empowerment-to helping clients find or regain their lost sense of self-assurance and self-guidance. We can recover this sense with a variety of techniques. When you come to therapy with me, we will generally begin with the aspects of your story as it applies to your reason for contacting me. You may come to therapy because of your story. We all have a story, as humans are storytellers and meaning-makers. You may want to examine your story at another level or from a different perspective-what is the story you tell yourself and others about yourself and your life? Is it truly your story or were you given this story to tell? Do you need a deep dive into/an overhaul of your perceptions/belief system? A grieving client will need to know they are heard, to receive education about grief and to realize with time that this pain, though often overwhelming, is part of the  process of healing. There are a number of potential aspects of grief that can be examined and worked with for understanding. You may feel you have lost control over your feelings and are having trouble with brain fog, sleeplessness, irritation, anxiety, depression. Perhaps you are tired of your patterns causing you pain and want to start again. We may need to work on setting firmer boundaries, look at codependency, consider ways to relax the system and bring more joy to life, to look for issues with trust and love. In combination with therapy, modalities such as meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, gratitude, yoga and stretching, massage, breathwork, nature appreciation/the practice of some form of spirituality/presence can help greatly during life transitions and beyond-neuroscience research reveals that individuals who practice these techniques are happier, more resilient, and better equipped to handle life experiences. So, these may be suggested. For some clients, my Jungian experiences might lead toward art work, journaling, writing, active imagination, dream recall/sharing/contemplation/reintegration, collage, ritual, and ceremony. As we might be working with existential concerns, discussion and reading suggestions may be offered. I am a certified hypnotherapy practitioner. Many clients have found that clinical hypnosis and self-hypnosis with directed breathing exercises can support the system and bring greater calm and self-awareness. I have studied trauma and was a full-time hospice bereavement counselor for over a decade where I worked with dying patients, their family members and friends, and medical staff.I have provided care for a variety of people and experiences. I am glad to offer this encompassing, non-judgemental and compassionate background to my clients. As I am a consistent student of life, science, spirituality and metaphysics-always curious, studying and learning about many things, I will offer and apply anything I am reading and studying and offer supportive suggestions, if I feel this will be helpful.

As always, the most important aspect for you, the client is this is your life and your experience. You are the owner of your life experience and of the therapy experience, as well. There is power in recognizing this and that your movement toward safety and recovery is very possible and will be in your time frame. It takes courage to reach out for support in life. If you need that support, I would like to speak with you about your goals and then to accompany and counsel you on your journey.

Call/email/text me. Let’s talk.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Education & Credentials:

  • License #: MH13986
  • License State: Florida
  • Practicing Since: 2013
  • Qualified Supervisor MHC FL
  • Education: M.S. Human Services; M.A. Mental Health Counseling; 4.0 GPA
  • CHP (Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner)
  • B.A. Political Science/Criminal Justice
  • A.A.S. Paralegal